Terms of Service

We hope you gain a lot of value from DidWeBreakIt.com
As a startup we value your feedback, and offer a free month to those giving it.
You may deactivate your account at anytime via the user menu.
You may request deleting of your data at anytime.
Please only test your own servers.
Please only upload tests that you are comfortable with the DidWeBreakIt servers running.
Where possible we will use servers within the EU data privacy zone i.e. with Heroku (Amazon) and Google Cloud.
We are a new project, and that means from time-to-time we also will break things. We are continually developing to make this a great service for you. If you are not happy, please do let us know: https://twitter.com/DidWeBreakIt
Please consider our service beta.
We limit our liability to one month's subscription with us. If there's a problem, let us extend your subscription by a month.